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how to become a professional organizer
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Business Consulting for Professional Home Organizers

Professional Organizer Course with the Leading Industry Organizers

Starting and growing a professional home organization company is hard work. But imagine if you had access to everything you need to make your business a success. Enter Reset Solutions Consulting from Jen Martin of Reset Your Nest and Stephanie Sikora of Sikora Solutions.


These industry experts have grown (and still operate) two successful professional home organization businesses. From their years of business experience, they know what it takes to make an organization business work, grow, and make a profit. And now they're sharing their secrets of success with you.


Reset Solutions Consulting provides clients with personalized mentorship from Jen, Stephanie, and their team of industry experts including their CFO and marketing specialist.


As a client of RS, you not only receive our consulting services, you also get access to some of our most valuable business building tools that have taken Jen and Stephanie years to develop, including:

  • Training materials

  • Onboarding resources

  • Marketing templates

  • Operations tools 

  • Financial Forecasting and planning

Are you ready to stop thinking about what you need to do to grow your business and starting making it happen?

Consulting Services for Professional Organizers

professional organizer course

Our Intensive Program gives you a custom professional organizer coaching and mentorship program that dives into your business objectives, hardships, and goals to give you a completely bespoke roadmap to success.

Our Group Coaching Program is the perfect solution for those professional organizers who are looking for a more affordable approach to growing their business while being mentored alongside fellow professional home organizers.

Get Personalized Advice with One-on-One Coaching Calls with Professional Organization experts

Our coaching program is created to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to launch and grow their own home organizing businesses successfully.

Whether you're at the beginning of your business journey or looking to elevate your existing business, our 1:1 coaching options are the perfect personalized solution.

how to become a professional organizer

Meet The Home
Organization Experts

From a young age, Jen Martin, always loved organizing. As she grew older and had a family of her own, her love and value of an organized home just continued to grow. With four kids of her own, she knows how important organizational systems are to the foundation and well-being of a family's day-to-day life.​

Jen started Reset Your Nest in 2020 to bring her organizational skills to the rest of Utah. Her team of trained organizers has carefully and lovingly transformed the homes of over 500 homes.

Jen has been featured on numerous television shows, podcasts, blogs, and books including Organized Living by Shira Gill, KSL Studio 5, AG Clever, and more.

how to become a professional organizer

Jen Martin, Reset Your Nest

how to become a professional organizer

Stephanie Sikora, Sikora Solutions

Stephanie Sikora is Owner of Sikora Solutions, Professional Organizer, Life Systems Expert, Speaker, and Author of Simplified: A Real Life Guide to Organizing Your Space and Saving Your Sanity.

For nearly two decades, Stephanie streamlined life-saving healthcare procedures and high-stress operating room processes. Now, she helps leaders, business owners, real estate agents and parents cut time-wasters, clear the clutter, and simplify the way they do business—and live life.

Stephanie runs Sikora Solutions out of Denver, Colorado.

Home Organizer Business Tools... At Your Fingertips

how to become a professional organizer
Everything you need to start, grow, and scale your professional organizing business

Are you ready to finally pull the trigger and start your organizing business? Or are you ready to scale your current business but don't know how? We have all the tools to make your dreams a reality. 

how to become a professional organizer

Why Choose Reset Solutions Consulting

professional organizer online course

Jen and Stephanie are continuing to run their very successful organizing businesses. They are proof that good systems open up space for more opportunities and they are excited to share those with you.

We don't just give you discounts to other professional mentors, but we give you access to them as well helping you develop all areas of your business from marketing to accounting and everything in between.

Our Intensive Program is a one-on-one program where we build your business with you, holding your hand, and holding you accountable.

We share templates, training documents, contracts, marketing items, and more. We've spent years and thousands of dollars collaborating with team members developing our tools and we are sharing all of them with you as part of our intensive consulting program.

We pull the curtain back and give you an honest consulting experience experience and share all the highs and lows of building a brand a developing a team.

We genuinely care and can't wait to be your 'business besties.

how to become a professional organizer

Contact Us

Interested in working with Reset Solutions Consulting or have questions regarding our services?

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Thanks, you'll hear from us soon.

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